ASUS Zenbook/Ultrabook, Samsung Ultrabook, Slate Car Charger

Price: $49.00

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12V DC Car Charger for ASUS Zenbook Ultrabook, Samsung Slate 7 and Ultrabook 9 Series.


This specially designed Car Charger is a fast and convenient way to charge your Asus and Samsung devices.


Simply connect the Charger to the cigarette lighter in your car to power and recharge your devices as you travel.


This small travel friendly Charger is slim, compact and lightweight, this makes it easy to transport and practical to use.


Its dark colour helps it blend with the interior of your car and its convenient size means it can be stored easily when not in use.



19 Volts

2,37 Amps

45 Watts

Connecter: 3.0 * 1.0mm


Laptop Plus Product Code: VAS005-CAR



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