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Square Laptop Adapters

Date: 30/10/2020

Square Laptop Adapters are the next generation of Laptop chargers from LaptopPlus, they have convenience for portability advantage of having extra cable for office use

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Who are LaptopPlus

Date: 16/01/2020

LaptopPlus is the trading name for an Australian company Koala Laptop Accessories. LaptopPlus is the largest company in Australia for Laptop Chargers, Adapters, Batteries and Laptop Accessories. LaptopPlus chargers, adapters are in house designed which is unique and exclusive to LaptopPlus. LaptopPlus has the largest and easiest database to navigate to find the correct charger and battery for any laptop. LaptopPlus has 24 hours deliver to major cities and towns in Australia.

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How to tell which Apple laptop adapter you are using

Date: 11/12/2019

Apple laptop adapters from 1989 to today. This article explains the design and development of Apple laptop adapters from 1989 when the first portable Macintosh was released to MagSafe 1, MagSafe 2 and today MacBook pro with retina display and USB-C chargers.

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Cybercrime and how to protect yourself

Date: 4/11/2019

In this article, we touch on two areas of cybercrime and how you can exercise better precautions with cybersecurity to stay safe in the online space. These areas are scams and using public wifi connections.

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