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Cybercrime and how to protect yourself

Date: 4/11/2019

In this article, we touch on two areas of cybercrime and how you can exercise better precautions with cybersecurity to stay safe in the online space. These areas are scams and using public wifi connections.

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How To Change Your Laptop Battery

Date: 22/08/2019

We’ve put together the following guide on how to replace your laptop battery in many of the popular versions of laptops currently on the market. Read on and learn just how easy it is!

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How to Increase Your Laptop Battery Life in Emergency Situations

Date: 31/05/2019

Simple tips to increase the running time of your laptop when in an emergency and without power or the ability to charge your laptop by disabling unnecessary or resource intensive functions and features.

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The Best Way To Clean Your Laptop

Date: 23/05/2019

Here are some simple easy steps to keep your laptop safe and clean, both inside and out!

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6 Bad Habits of Laptop Users

Date: 1/03/2019

We’ve all got bad habits. A Laptop Plus, we aren’t here to judge. But we are here to help. We aren’t trying to tell you how to live your life, but below are some really bad tech habits you need to break, before your laptop does!

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